The Sun Going Down on 2022 - Fine sunset from a Northern Lake. The ghost of Tom Thomson sat beside me, as I captured this image. We liked the pattern of the clouds as everything went orange and pink for just a few moments. (Click on any image to expand it.)

Even in the End Times, life can be beautiful. :)

November, 2022: NASA Artemis Moon-mission with Orion spacecraft, in big swinging orbit around the moon, before the return to Earth. Image was taken from camera on one of the extended solar-arrays. Note the Earth and the Moon in the background, hanging in the void of black space. Bravo NASA, and best of luck with the crewed missions.

The difficulty of seeing the forest, for the trees, always remains... The field beyond the forest, yields. But the forest is an attractive nest of chaotic action, held in a fine ecological-orbital balance by the forces of destruction, and re-birth. If you look closely, a small maple tree, with yellow-orange leaves, which are being shed for winter, is visible in the lower-right of this image. In time, if left to nature, these trees with leaves, which are shed in Autumn, and re-created in the Spring, will replace and displace this grove of spruce-trees. But if I keep the deciduous trees cut back, and work to protect the spruce, I can keep this grove intact, and it will grow, and I can enjoy the green spruce branches in deep, cold winter.

Nature is *not* to be left to operate randomly. Our job is to manage and manipulate it, and encourage the natural outcome we wish to have take place. Left to it's own, nature simply kills everything. Humans need to understand this basic biological truth. Our job is to make nature serve us. We must not become confused, and invert this key requirement.